Disposable Water & Oil Proof Face Rest Cover Sheets / X-05A

SKU: X-05A

Keep your face cradle and headrest clean with help from these disposable cover sheets. They're made of very comfortable nonwoven textile and are a great for spas and clinics that service many clients by making cleanup a breeze. At 12.25" x 15.75", these cover sheets fit onto most face cradles and headrests easily. And your clients will appreciate how much you care about hygiene and cleanliness as well!

Best of all, they're lined with a ultra fine plastic layer making these sheets are water and oil proof—sweat and other fluids won't soak and leak through! Talk about an easy cleanup! 

Pick up a few bags and make sure you always keep a good stock of these covers—they go fast!

• Water and Oil proof
• Soft and comfortable for your clients
• Clients will appreicate you attention to hygiene
• Generous size easily fits most headrests/face cushions
• Easy cleanup!

Material: Non-woven with thin plastic film
Size: 12.25" x 15.75"
Package: 200 sheets / bag

Applications: Acupuncture clinic, hospital, pharmacy, spa and massage.

Product Name: Non-Woven Flat Face Rest Cover

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