Moxa Burner/ Moxibustion tools/ moxa roll burner box/ moxa treatment,Acupunture Supplies/ E-01D5

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Copper Moxa Burner E-1D5 

To Use:
1. Light the moxa.
2.into the hole on the lid until the metal clamps secure it.
3. Position the moxa box over the treatment area. You may use the included strap as well.
4. Push the moxa stick down as the bottom burns up.
5. To extinguish, put the lit end out with a moxa extinguisher or against a small fireproof plate.

Acupuncture supplie:  Copper Moxa Burner

Material: Copper

 Size:  Length-11.5" (more detail in the picture)

Caution: Use of this product may cause burns and is intended to be used by professional practitioners only.



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