Shower Table / T-31A

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SKU: T-31A
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Color: black
Cover Material: VinylL85: W35 :H
Dimensions (W x L x H): 35.00" x 85.00" x 25.5"
Supported weight: 500+ lbs.
Net weight: Approximately 110 lbs.
*All measurements are approximate and accurate to within an inch.


Must be shipped on pallets by freight — 5 units maximum per pallet



All sofas and massage beds need to be shipped on a pallet, using a trucking company.
Trucking is different from FEDEX. The shipping is lift gate delivery. It lands the goods closest to customer’s commercial shipping address where the truck can park.
If internal delivery is required, the address provided is non-commercial, or secondary delivery is required, we need to be notified in advance. The expenses incurred ($80-$100) will be automatically deducted from the customer's credit card. If automatic deduction is not possible, we will notify you. You should pay us the expenses incurred within 7 days.

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