Foot massage Supplies/ Spa effervescent / Item # HF006

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Foot massage Supplies/ Spa effervescent / Item # HF006


Item No.  HF006

Type:   Tablet 

Material: Salt.


Color:  Blue 

Wight: 0.5kg / bag

Package:0.5kg(430-450Tablet )/bag; 20bag/case

Sea Salt Bath Instructions:  Fill up your bathtub with warm water at a comfortable temperature prior to immersing yourself in the water. Take one or tow tablets put in water.

Bath Sea Salt Benefits,  Reducing levels of stress, Increasing circulation, Expelling toxins from the body, Stimulates natural circulation for improved health, Relaxes tense, aching muscles and joints. It can  also exfoliating, deodorant, acne, body shaping.

 Applications: Used in Home,Massage SPA, Fooot Massage SPA

If you order this Product, call AA Group inc, 1-800-796-1888 or go to

In Category: Herb Bathing

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