AcuStar Acupuncture Needle Cases—Short-Dated Sale

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Short Dated Sales! These are the best deals you'll find on AcuStar acupuncture needles. Act fast as they sell out quickly!

Sold by the Box or the Case and includes Free Standard Shipping on Cases!**

Available Sizes on Sale as of 06/22/2018:

Gauge Length (inches) Expiration Date Price/Box Price/Case
30# (0.30 mm) N 02/2019 $2.00 $185
32# (0.25 mm) 1.5"-2.0" 02/2019 $2.00 $185
34# (0.22 mm) 0.5"-2.0" 02/2019 $2.00 $185
36# (0.20 mm) 0.5"-1.0" 02/2019 $2.00 $185
38# (0.18 mm) N 02/2019 $2.00 $185

The AcuSTAR acupuncture needle is made from high quality stainless steel and engineered to be sharp for a painless insertion with a very smooth surface, making it very suitable for Korean style acupuncture.

Each disposable needle features a metal handle, is sterilized with ethylene oxide and comes attached to its own guide tube which facilitates the acupuncture process.

Package Contents:
- Case: 100 boxes (100 needles per box)
- Each needle individually sealed with its own guide tube

** Free shipping offers offers available within the Contiguous US only and cannot be combined with any other offers or items. Please order separately.


Caution: Acupuncture needles are Class II medical devices, as defined by the FDA, and their use and sales are restricted to licensed practitioners only. To purchase these items, you must have an Acupuncturist account with us. Apply now, or simply log in if you already have an account with us.

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