Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp / D-10A

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Product Features

*Infrared Bulb

*Hand Timer with adjustable dial for temperature control

* 1 year warranty (not Including Bulb)

This health analyzer is used to test sub-health and desease. very detailed health reports can be obtained, including Chinese 12 meridian analysis, respiratory system, endocrine disturbance, hypothyrea, blood pressure, immunity system, anaemia, liver, etc

It's easy, simple, convenient, accurat, safe to use and it's affordale.


1.Electromagnetic Wave +Infra-Red (100w)

2.Helping generate various beneficial biochemical stimuli that the body may lack due to illness, accident or injury.

3.Accelerating the decomposition of unstable structures such like dead cells

4.Enhancing the body's function of adjustment and immunity.

*Using Infra-Red Bulb, Heat up FAST! Easy to use

The TDP Mineral Lamp is registered with the FDA as a Medical Device and is Acceptable for Insurance Billing under CPT Code 97026.

Infrared Lamp is the new model of the Lamp, It uses the Infrared Light Bulb. It warm up very quickly, and very easy to use. Infrared Lamp uses a long life 100 watt, deluxe 5 diameter infrared heat lamp bulb. Maximum radiant heat and light are provided by the bulbs parabolic shape and internal crystal reflector. It is Adjustable from 42 to 65. Floor standing model includes Hand Timer setup and control panel, and 5 point base with swivel casters. Lots of treatments have shown that the mineral heat lamp provides several key health benefits for therapy.

They are: Chronic Pain ,Arthritis ,Sore Muscles/Joints ,Back Pain ,Neuropathy , Osteoarthritis ,Rheumatoid Arthritis ,Carpal Tunnel ,Diabetes ,Osteoporosis ,soft tissue ,braises Sciatica,Inflammation ,Fibromyalgia ,Shingles ,Migraines , Surgery Wounds ,Circulatory Problems ,Menstrual Cramps ,Injuries ,Infection ,Spastic Bowel ,Sprains&Strains ,Tennis ,Elbow ,Diabetic ,UlcersAnd More!


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