Ever Spring Dan Shen 10:1 Concentrated Herb Powder / Salvia Root / QH0077

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This is a 10:1 concentrated Dan Shen extract powder from Ever Spring, meaning 1 gram of this concentrated powder is equivalent to 10 grams of raw herbal powder. It can be used in teas, sprinkled on food or mixed in a formula and put into capsules. These powders are high in potency and are meant for professional herbalists and those consumers with the knowledge and experience to prepare their own formulas only. Please consult a licensed herbalist or physician before using. Ever Spring guarantees the best quality herbs!

Herb name: Dan Shen

Alternate name: Salvia Root

Storage: Keep tightly sealed in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Package Contents:
1 x 100-gram bottle of 10:1 concentrated powder

Made in China

Dan Shen can rid of clot blood, pain, invigorate blood, breakup blood stasis,  for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, palpable tumors, angina, heat bi, restlessness and insomnia, irritability, swollen spleen, pain in digestive system.

Acupuncturists & Professionals use only


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