Moxibustion Box - 4-Holes / E-01C4

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This bamboo moxibustion burner box is a special tool used for indirect moxibustion treatment with moxa sticks. The burner box has a thin metallic sheet underneath to catch ashes, while keeping the beneficial heat radiating to the skin. The lid is attached and held by reliable spring tensioners which also allow easy access. Ventilation holes along the side of the box ensure proper airflow to promote a clean and efficient burn. The moxibustion box also comes an elastic strap that attaches to the sides of the box and is easily adjustable to easily position the box over the acupoints or treatment area.

To Use:
1. Light the end of a moxa stick.
2. With the lid secure on the box, slide the lit end of the moxa stick into the hole on the lid until the metal clamps secure it. You may do the same with any remaining holes on the lid.
3. Position the moxa box over the treatment area. You may use the included strap as well.
4. Push the moxa stick down as the bottom burns up. 
5. To extinguish, put the lit end out with a moxa extinguisher or against a small fireproof plate.

Material: Bamboo
Recommended Moxa Stick Diameter⅝" - ⅞" (16.5 - 22 mm)
Approximate Size: 9" x 3½" x 3½"

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