Foot Reflexology & Massage Reclining Sofa Set / W-22 / W-22A1

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 BUY W-22 series SOFA 3, get 1 set free

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W-22/ W-22A1


  * Sofa Size(Full Body Massage style)-58"(L) x 34"(w)x 18.5"(H)

                                                              (147.32 x 86.36 x 47 cm)

 * Foot Rest Stool Size: 28"(L) x 18" (w) x16"(H) (71.12 x 45.72 x 40.64 cm)

 * Woker Stool Size: 14"(L) x 12" (w) x12"(H) (35.56 x 30.48 x 30.48 cm)

 Color: * Same with the picture, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Gray Black


* with Face Hole for Full body massage

* Adjustable Foot bath Massage sofa set

* Can Adjust to a sofa Bed for Full Body Massage use

* 3pcs/ set- sofa comes with a foot rest, and a working stool

Package:  2Bag/set

Material:  *Soft Textile Vinyl Fabric 

Weight:  * N.T. about 110 lbs

Shipping:  *This sofa set can only be shipped on a pallet via trucking couriers.
Each pallet can hold up to 4 sets of sofa & 6 cases of massage oil plus some small items.
Call in quote shipping cost. Ship by F.O.T


A&A Medical Supplies, inc. 


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