Saffron Herbal Bath and Foot Soak Powder - Zang Hong Hua / HF001A1

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Pure traditional Chinese herbal powders. Best quality. Highest standards.

Chinese herbal tea baths have numerous mental and physical benefits.

Ingredients include:

天然藏红花 • Natural Saffron
红景天 • Rose Root
云南樟 • Yunnan Camphor
凤仙花 • Impatiens balsamina
五味子 • Schisandra Fruit
沉香 • Aquilaria Wood 
肉豆冠 • Nutmeg
檀香 • Sandalwood

- 100 x 6g infusion bags / bag 

 适用人群: 清热袪风,养心安神,神经衰弱,失眠多梦,高血压,糖尿病.

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