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Bath Salt / Foot Bath Salt / Bath Sea Salt / Item# HF007/HF007A/HF007B

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Bath Milk Salt/ bath sea salt/ Body Wash Salt


Item No.  HF007/HF007A /HF007B

Flavor: HF007 Milk

               HF007A Lavender

               HF007B Rose


 Color:  Milk White

Package: 80g each bag; 80bag each case

Fill up your bathtub with warm water at a comfortable temperature prior to immersing yourself in the water. Take a teaspoon on the body, began to massage 2-10 minute.

Reducing levels of stress, Increasing circulation, Expelling toxins from the body, Stimulates natural circulation for improved health, Relaxes tense, aching muscles and joints

 Applications: Used in Clinic, Massage, Foot Massage.

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