Money Toad Statue / HF131B7

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The Money Toad is a mythical creature in Chinese culture where it is usually called Jīn chán (or "Golden Toad"). It is said that business and houses near where it appears will soon receive good news (usually wealth related). Throughout the many legends concerning the money toad, it is usually depicted as a bullfrog with red eyes and only one hind leg. It carries a gold coin in it's mouth while 7 dots representing the Big Dipper constellation can be seen on its back. 

This statue features a beautiful multi-colored Money Toad sitting on a bed of flowers. A gold coin rests in its mouth while two rows of coins run along its back. Bright red eyes and the 7 dots of the constellation shine brightly. The top base rotates so that you can face the Money Toad in all directions (proper Feng Shui states that it should be faced away from the front door as it influences the flow of money). The inscription on the base reads: Sìjì zhāo cái ("Lucky all four seasons"). Set this in your home or business to attract and protect wealth, and guard against bad luck!

Material: Polyresin
Color: Multicolor
Size (L x D x H): 11" x 11" x 12¼"

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