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HF133A8 Bottle Gourd Statue

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SKU: HF133A8

The bottle gourd (calabash) is an auspicious symbol in Chinese tradition for a number or reasons. In practical purposes, it was used as food and medicine, as a container for water on long journeys, a life preserver for children and fishermen and even a musical instrument among other things. The Chinese word for gourd, hulu, also draws homophonous connections to the words for protection, blessing, luck and the number 10,000. That last one, along with its many seeds associates it with fertility. In some Chinese folklore, immortals carry magic elixirs and medicine, or trap and confine evil spirits in calabash. It is because of all this and more that the bottle gourd is a symbol of protection, blessings and wealth!

This statue features a beautiful yellow calabash sitting among a multi-colored floral arrangement, all atop an ornate base. The inscription on the base reads: Fú lù rónghuá ("Fortune and blessings"). Set this in your home or business to welcome good luck and prosperity!

Size (W x H x D): 6.75" x 4.5" x8.75
Material: Polyresin

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