HF133B14 Money Fish Statue

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SKU: HF133B14

Fish (especially Koi) are important symbols for Chinese in a few ways, but the The Chinese word for fish, yu, is homophonous to the Chinese word for abundance making them a strong symbol for wealth. Koi often swim in pairs so are symbols of luck for a happy marriage. Their long lives and quick reproduction also make them symbols for longevity and fertility-- very strong symbol indeed! 

This statue features a lively gold Koi surrounded by flora on a wooden base--old Koi symbolize riches and wealth. The inscription on the base reads: Fùguì yǒuyú ("More than wealthy"). Set this in your home or business to welcome good luck, wealth and abundance!

Size (L x H x D): 10" x 14½" x 7"
Color: Multicolored
Material: Polyresin

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