Clever Deer Li Gan Wan Traditional Herbal Formula Pills / ND101

SKU: ND101

ND101 Li Gan Wan

Ingredient: jin qian cao Herba Lysimachiae

zhu dan zhi Pulvis Fellissuis

Functions and indication: To dispel liver-fire and benefit gallbladder. It is indicated for acute and chronic infectious hepatitis cholecystitis and the disturbance of livers secretive function etc.

Clinical application: acute and chronic infectious hepatitis and cholecystitis.

Usage and dosage: Orally take 5-8pills each time2-3 times a day or in compliance with doctors order.

High Concentrated Pills 200pills/ea

Clever Deer is made by one of the top 50 herbal extract manufactures in China. Their factories have the most advanced technique and technology. This brand is GMP certified, and 100% safe.

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