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Single-Use Sharps Container / U-35

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SKU: U-36

Sharps are any medical devices that can cut or puncture the skin including all types of needles, syringes, lancets, injectors, etc. The FDA has specific rules regarding the disposal of such devices using Sharps Containers such as these.

These puncture-resistant FDA-approved plastic containers are necessary to ensure a safe environment where sharps are used. Simply seal the container with cap when you've reached the fill line. Then contact and dispose at a local sharps disposal location. Please follow your local community guidelines regarding the use and disposal of the sharps container.

Available Sizes
S -- #185 --1.7 QT --U-35
M -- #184 --4.7 QT --U-36
L  -- #182 --6.2 QT --U-37
XL --#180 --10 QT --U-38

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