T-19A with legs and back raised
X-07B Face cradles
Plush Face Cradle / X-07B
From $12.50 $20.00
T-17A Portable massage table
T-20 Ashiatsu massage table
Ashiatsu Massage Table / T-20
From $338.00 $395.00
HF023A2 Basalt energy stones
T-21 Thai massage bed
Thai Massage Bed / T-21
From $328.00 $420.00
U-50A6 LED sign
X-16B2 4-piece table sheet set
HF147 Antique style lamp
T-06 Swivel Stool
Swivel Stool / T-06
$55.00 $68.00
U-47A1 LED sign
T-11 Portable massage chair
Sold Out
HF050 Massage oil available in different sizes
Sea Pearl Massage Lotion / Various Scents
P-16B Non-woven Disposable Table Sheet Roll
A&A Foot Massage Oil/Paste / HF015
Introducing the W-33 Series Reflexology Sofa Set

Introducing the W-33 Series Reflexology Sofa Set

The next step in the evolution of reflexology furniture! The W-33 series was designed specifically to ease the transition from foot or body massages to foot baths (and vice versa). Currently, in order to offer a soak with most reflexology sofas, you have to lift and put aside the footstool section in order to put the bucket in front of your client. This is both inconvenient and takes up space.

The W-33 addresses this issue by employing moving sections that allow it to convert from a full body length sofa to a foot bathing throne in just a few seconds. All you have to do is lift and slide

Simply lift and slide to reveal bucket/storage compartment.

Lift the two center cushions up and over, and then slide the support panel back to reveal the bucket compartment. This makes conversion a breeze and is less hassle for both you and your clients.

The W-33 sofa set is solid. With the exception of the aluminum storage compartment, it's built with a firm wooden frame and two-staged padding providing both comfort and support. The soft, velvet-y fabric cover is an attractive magenta color with classic print patterns that looks great in any salon, spa or clinic!

W-33 laid flat

The W-33 Convertible Reflexology Sofa Set fully reclines to a full body massage position and is available in manually powered control as well as electronically powered control versions. Check out their product pages for for information!

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D-11 Control Panel

TDP Therapy Lamp Model D-11 Gets an Upgraded Control Panel

The D-11 TDP lamp has always been a very popular model because of its digital control panel. It made it possible to set the power level and exact time duration for each treatment. And for the sound-sensitive, what might have been the best part of all, was the absence of any light ticking sound from the timer during the treatment session.

D-11 Control

The new upgraded control panel improves on all of that. Larger buttons and better labeling makes operation a breeze. A simple glance at the new larger back-lit digital display with its soothing, soft blue glow and over-sized characters tells you the status, time left and power level—everything you need to know about the current treatment program. As with before, the power level is adjustable from 50-100% at 10% increments, and the timer is adjustable from 30-60 minutes at 5 minute increments.

D-11 TDP Lamp

Purchase the D-11 TDP lamp today and take advantage of our current Free Shipping promotion for all TDP lamps!

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Holiday 2016 Schedule

Holiday 2016 Schedule

Hi all! Please keep in mind that we will be closed Monday December 26, 2016 and Monday January 2nd, 2017. We'll be back in the office Tuesday of each of those weeks. All orders will begin processing when we return. If you have any questions, please use the contact form or send us an email and we'll reply as soon as we're back! Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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