Hot Stone Heater / D-24B1

$125.00 $97.85
SKU: D-24B1

This 7.5-quart hot stone warmer will bring your massage stones up to temperature safely and quickly!

• Removable tray for convenient stone transport and cleaning
• Set internal temp from 50°C - 100°C with the digital control panel
• Semi-transparent cover to quickly see if there are stones inside without having to open the lid and let out heat
• Arrives with slotted spoon for convenient stone removal
• Hot stones not included

Dimensions (W x H x D): 12¾" x 10½" x 9⅞" (approximate)
Power Usage: 600 W Heating
Temperature Setting Range50°C - 100°C
Capacity: 7.5 L
Weight: 5 kg (approximate)

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