Double-Headed TDP Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp CQ-36C / D-04B

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Acupuncture Double-Headed TDP Lamp CQ-36C #D-04B

TDP stands for Tèdìng diàncíbō pǔ (特定电磁波谱), which roughly translates from Chinese to English as specific electromagnetic spectrum. Although TDP lamps (also called magic lamps for their effects) just only recently began gaining interest in the West, it has been used in China and other parts of Asia since the 90's to treat a number of conditions.

Here is a quick rundown on how it works: TDP lamps all contain a mineral plate - this is a round plate coated with a mineral formation consisting of 33 elements essential to the human body. When this mineral plate is activated by a built-in heating element in the TDP lamp, it begins to emit FIR (far infrared) waves. Because our bodies also radiate this type of energy, FIR is easily absorbed into our skin as deep as 3½ inches.

The mineral plate further differentiates TDP lamps from conventional infrared therapies. The mineral plate, now properly heated to the right temperature, ionizes the minerals and radiates them outward where your body absorbs it.

What this all means for you: 

1. Pain relief. Muscle and joint pain, as well as pain from inflammation, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, sprains, back pain, scar tissue, various skin conditions and other similar conditions all benefit from using a TDP lamp.

2. Receive much needed essential minerals and generate various biochemical benefits that the body may lack due to illness, accident or injury. The human body needs vitamins and minerals to regenerate and heal itself. When you are sick, hurt or fatigued, these are essential to help you recover. The mineral ionizes the key minerals it's coated with and delivers them to your body.

3. Accelerated decomposition of damaged and diseased cells. The protons emitted by FIR help your body release enzymes which increases the rate at which the body eliminates these cells and also leads to...

4. Improved blood circulation. FIR waves produce nitric oxide and expand vessels and tiny capillaries which stimulates increased circulation and oxygenation. This helps deliver nutrients and repair cells, as well as remove waste products and toxins, from all over the body.

5. Detoxification. As vessels and capillaries expand, FIR initiates a process to dissolve toxins by loosening the water bonds that keep toxins in your circulatory and lymphatic system.

6. Enhanced immunity. Through its subtle heating, Far infrared seems to increase the amount of white blood cells and T-cells in our body, which fight diseases. Also, the improved circulation help these cells move about the body more efficiently, and the white cells can use the nitric oxide produced by FIR to defend against tumors.

7. Metabolic boost. The heat FIR generates in your body burns calories and also stimulates your body to continue burning calories after your session is over. Metabolism also depends on the health of a number of organs and systems. The detoxifying effects of FIR, along with the essential minerals imparted by the mineral plate, can keep these systems well maintained and efficient.

8. Comfortable heat and pain free and relaxing. Ever stand outside on a sunny winter day? The air temperature can be pretty chilly but your body feels warm. That is because the FIR waves from the sun are penetrating your skin and warming you up from the inside. That penetrating warmth is healing, therapeutic and soothing - feels great on a cold winter day and it is the same waves you will find radiating out of TDP lamps. They can relax your muscles and do all those wonderful things above, and more.

The D-04B (CQ-36C) TDP Lamp features two individual TDP lamp heads, each mounted on articulating arms and with their own power controls offering you the most variety of uses. The balanced arms allow the user to direct and adjust the heads in a vast array of positions so two completely separate areas can be treated at once. These versatile arms can bring your TDP lamp heads from a full height of 52" from the ground to as low as just 12" from the ground. You can work on your back and feet at the same time!

Want different treatments for different areas or to have the option of using both or just one lamp head? That's where the individual power controls come in. Each head can be set to different power durations by turning the dial clockwise so you won't have to remind yourself to turn one off before the other. If you don't want to use the built-in timer and rather leave the continuous power on until you are ready to turn it off, just turn the dial counter-clockwise from the off position instead.

The mineral plates within the lamp heads have an estimated working life of 1000-1500 hours. This means that they should last for well over 8 years if used once a day for 20-minute treatments. And if you need replacement heads, we've got you covered as well. The replacement head model for this lamp is D-11B1 and can be ordered from us as well.


Direct the heating lamp head(s) at the affected areas at a distance of 30-40 cm (12-16 inches) for 5-20 minutes. Treat once a day over a course of 6 to 20 treatments.

One Year Warranty


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