Wooden Frame Massage Table with Storage Compartment / T-10C2

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The T-10C2 Wooden Frame Massage Table incorporates a very clean, classic style with plush comfort. The rich brown upholstery is both strong and soft, and wraps itself around a thick, supportive inner cushion. Remove the pillow atop to uncover an oval face hole. The base is made of high quality wood and features two doors that open into a large storage cabinet underneath the upper cushion. The back lifts smoothly for an adjustable height and securely locks into place. Perfect for the finest spas.

- Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
- Oval-shaped face hole with fitted pillow cover.
- Spacious storage cabinet in the wooden base.
- Smooth back height adjustment.
- Supple and durable cushioning.

- Dimensions:
   - 75x34x26 inches (L x W x H)
   - Cushion thickness: 4.5 inches
   - Pillow thickness: 2.5 inches
- Weight: 80 lbs.
- Color: Brown

Package Contents
- Massage table with wooden base
- Head pillow

This table only ships by F.O.T.—2 table sets (plus some small items) can fit one pallet. 

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