Foot and Body Bath Salts--ine Grain / HF003F1-F6

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Bath salts contain many beneficial minerals that help soften and exfoliate skin, while also enhancing cleansing and overall bathing enjoyment. Choose the color, texture and scents to gain maximum benefits from your soak!

Sea saltï¼?fragrance. 

Available Scents:
- Lavender --Purple --HF003F1
- Rose --Rose --HF003F2
- Milk --White --HF003F3
- Ginger --Yellow --HF003F4
- Lemon --Green --HF003F5
- Mint --Blue -- HF003F6

Packaging: Woven plastic/paper outer bag. Thick plastic inner liner bag.

Package Contents:
Bag: 10 kg or 22lbs Bath Salt per bag


Soaking feet? What benefit does it offer.

The foot is also called the second heart of the human body, because scientific research has proved that there are areas on the feet corresponding to various organs. When the feet are soaked in warm water, these areas can be stimulated, promote blood circulation, regulate the endocrine system, enhance the function of human organs, and achieve the health care effect of preventing and helping alleviate diseases. At the same time, thermal stimulation will accelerate the micro-circulation of the feet and open the pores.


  1. Promote blood circulation. From the health theory, the feet are farthest from the heart of the human body, but they bear the heaviest burden. Therefore, this place is most likely to cause poor blood circulation. Especially for those who often feel cold hands and feet, hot foot bath is an excellent method.
  2. Stimulate the acupuncture points, reflex zones and meridians of the foot.
  3. It has a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of many diseases. There is an old Chinese saying: "the rich can take tonics (to achieve good health), and the poor can soak their feet."  Especially in modern society, the extensive use of air conditioners, coupled with people generally like to eat cold food,  the body is cold and damp. Soaking feet in hot herbal water can accelerate the body's cold elimination.

For baths and soaks: fill up your bath tub or bucket to the desired level with warm water and pour the salts into the warm water. The salts will begin dissolving, releasing their fragrance into the steam, and filling the air with its aromatic scents. Fine-grain salts will dissolve almost instantly, while large-grain salts will dissolve at a slower rate and look beautiful in the bath! Immerse your body/feet in the water and enjoy the relaxation.

For exfoliation: Take a tablespoon of fine-grain (only) bath salt, add a little water or essential oils and work into a paste. Smooth over skin and gently massage for 2-10 minutes to uncover softer and smoother skin!

Notes: This product is topical bath agent. Do not use if you suffer from severe allergies and/or skin diseases. 

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