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The foot is probably the hardest working part of our bodies. Its 26 bones, 33 joints, thousands of nerve endings along with over a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments all work together to support us. The pressure exerted on it while running can be up to four times the runner's body! And yet, few of us ever take the time to care for our feet and help them recover from the strain we put them through each day.

Treat your tired, aching feet to Tibetan steam therapy! A practice over 2500 years old, traditional Tibetan steam therapy utilizes the boiling of herbal medicines which permeates the body helping you attain health benefits specific to the herbs used. If you'd like to try an herbal steam without any hassle, we have conveniently bagged herbs and aromatics for foot treatments that can be used with this kit.

But steaming has many benefits even without the addition of herbs and aromatics. These benefits include increased metabolism and weight loss, detoxification from sweating, increased blood and lymphatic circulation, softening and hydration of skin, enhanced collagen development, tension relief and minimized joint pain, muscle relaxation and an overall feeling of rejuvenation. 

Package Contents
- Wooden foot steam bucket
- Electronic steam machine
- Remote control
- Foot massage roller
- Steam/herb box
- Connector nozzle and hoses 

    ⌀: 17"
    Height: 23"
Steam Machine
    Width: 7½"
    Depth: 10"
    Height: 10½"

Note: The bucket should only be used for steaming. The bucket is not meant for foot soaks or holding liquids. Do not pour water or liquids inside. Make sure to empty and wipe dry after every use.


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