HK001 HerbKing Superect Testimonials

Mr. Wang
I am 54 years old and work in a hospital. Because of pressures from work, I started to have the symptoms of impotence in 2002. I would occasionally take some western medicine for it, but it only works for a while. Also, after sex, I'd feel a soreness and aching in my waist and back, and some weakness in my knees. So I decided to look for a more natural herbal treatment to help me with my issue. Finally, a doctor recommended I give Superect a try. In less than a week, I felt my hips felt better and the soreness from my legs and knees have gone. I’m also no longer having the symptoms of impotence or premature ejaculation.

Mr. Li
After getting married when I was 30, I found out the survivability of my sperm was very low. My doctor recommended me to take Superect. The survival of my sperm doubled in only 2 months and I’m a happy father of 2 children now.

Mr. Liu
I realized that how important healthy kidneys and strong essence are after I used many yang-strengthening products. Normally these products only give you the “bullet” and let you “shoot”, despite the body's condition- not very healthy. Superect helps you to regain the ability to produce “bullet”. It’s a whole different approach. I like Superect very much. It makes me a real man.


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