HK003 HerbKing Pro-Care Testimonials

Mr. Lin 
I just turned 40 when I noticed I started to have increased urination frequency both at day and night, with a difficulty starting and maintaining a steady stream of urine. I began worrying that there might be something wrong with my prostate as my father had prostate gland enlargement issues and it caused urination difficulties. He had to have a surgery in the end, but after a few years, he found out a tumor had developed. Therefore, I wanted to start any preventative actions as early as possible. I tried different medicines- none of them really helped- and my prostate problem got worse. I was very anxious. One day, my friend told me about Pro-Care (think "prostate care"), so I gave it a try. After only a week, the symptoms started going away, and getting better day by day. I’m really glad my friend told me about Pro-Care supplement or I might still be suffering from the symptoms.

Mr. Lee 
I had prostatitis for many years, and I had a hard time of urinating. I tried both Western and Chinese medicines, but saw no improvement. 

After I start taking Pro-Care herbal supplements, all the symptoms have gone and it helps me maintain clear and smooth urination. The doctor told me the prostate gland enlargement symptoms was also gone after my regular check up. My married life also returned to normal... something I’m really happy about.


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