HK009 HerbKing Jeune Testimonials

XP Lee. Female, 37 y/o 
I started to have speckles on my face when my child turned 5. It was just a little bit at the beginning, and I didn’t pay attention to it. After one year, it became more and more severe, and I also suffered insomnia and excessive dreams. I did see dermatology, and tried different kinds of make-up, but none helped. After taken Jeune, the quality of my sleep improved, and the healthy grow returned to my skin. My bowl movement became very regular, and the speckles faded gradually. After 3 month of therapy, my skin is again clear, and I feel like my overall health status improved.

XY Liu. Female, 31 y/o. 
Because of the nature of my work, I had to stay up till very late. Long time of sleep deprivation made my skin was in bad condition and speckles was all over my face. I tried a lot of different product and none worked well. After taken Jeune for a week, my speckles were faded, and a healthy blush returned to my cheek.

XH Wu. Female, 29 y/o 
I am real estate agent and my work exposed me to lots of outdoor UV light. I developed a lot of freckles on my face and arms, and they were getting darker and darker. It bothered me a lot, and made me self-conscious in front of my clients. After taken Jeune, my freckles faded and my sleep was improved. Now I continues to take Jeune for my healthy looking skin.

XX Lee. Female, 52 y/o 
Wrinkles were a big problem for me. It made me feel like my youth passed me too fast. My menses are becoming irregular. I tried everything, only Jeune worked for me. After taking it for 20 days, I had my period. Wrinkles around my eyes were improved, and my skin became more elastic. Now I take Jeune like an essential supplement. I love it and take it everyday. My friend all commented on how young I look now and I would recommend Jeune for everybody.

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