HK013 HerbKing Liv-Care Testimonials

HK013 Liv-Care Testimonials

XX ZHAO male, 49y/o 
Because of over eating, my weight increased to 180kg in one and a half years. My stomach was enlarged. I had bitter taste in my mouth every morning. Check up indicated I had fatty liver. I went on a diet and started to take liver support. After a week, the bitter taste was gone, and after 3 months, my health was restored and my weight reduced greatly. 

HK013A Liv-Care No. 2 Testimonials

Mr. Chong: 
I am 53 years old. I was infected with hepatitis 4 years ago, and all the treatments I attempted failed. The color on my face was bluish, lips were purplish and had black eyes. I had edema on my neck and lower limps. I lost my appetite. My mouth was dry, my urine was yellowish, and my liver aches frequently. I was diagnosed with early liver cirrhosis. After taking hepto-care, my skin regained some color, my appetite increased and my liver function was restored.

HK013B Liv-Care No. 3 Testimonials

Mr. Liu
I don’t even know when I got infected with Hep-B. At the beginning I didn’t have any symptoms other than feeling fatigue. During my physical, I was diagnosed with chronic Hep-B. After 3 months of Liv-care III therapy, all the test results became negative. Now, I felt very healthy, and the disease never relapsed.

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