HK014 HerbKing Ova Peace Testimonials

Ms. Wong: 
I just turned 41 this year. Last year, my period became irregular. It came every three or four months, and the amount was minimal. I thought maybe I was going through menopause, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. During a checkup, I found out that I had a growth in my uterus, about three centimeters in radius. The doctor didn't really give me any good advice. Later, I visited my Chinese medicine doctor and was given Ova Peace herbal supplements to try. After taking it for less than two months, my period suddenly came, but it was also very heavy and a momentary glance told me it looked different. After menstruation, I went quickly to the hospital for an examination. I was both surprised and very pleased with the results: the growth was no longer there. I'm not sure exactly what that growth my doctor showed me was but my body and menstruation has been normal since.

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