HK017 HerbKing Vasoclear Testimonials

Professor Ding: 
A 65 year-old male. He's had hyperlipidemia for 10 years, along with a fatty liver, hypertension, and coronary heart diseases. He tried over ten kinds of Western and herbal medicines, without any significant results. His herbalist finally recommended Vasoclear. After a week of treatment, the numbness in his left arm ceased and angina (chest pains) was reduced. His blood pressure and lipid level decreased significantly. After completing therapy, his health was greatly restored.

A 52 year-old male. He suffered from frequent dizziness, insomnia and palpitation because of stress from work and was diagnosed with coronary arteriosclerosis and hypertension. He had tried many kinds of medicine, of which the effects had not been ideal. Later, he discovered Vasoclear online and decided to try it out. One week later starting, the symptoms vanished completely and his blood pressure returned to normal levels. After having taken three treatment courses, the blood lipid levels returned to normal as well.

A 53 year-old female. Because of arteriosclerosis, coronary disease and long-term high blood pressure (180/70), she suffered from frequently dizziness, light-headedness, and edema. She was unable to perform normal work. One month after she began to take Vasoclear, her symptoms went away, and three months after that, her blood pressure stabilized. Five months later, her electrocardiogram results indicated normal heart activity.

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