HK018 HerbKing Glycodown Testimonials

Mr. Wu: 
A 62 year-old male. He had 6 years of hyperglycemia. He restricted his sugar intake by controlling his diet, but his blood sugar still increased from 135 to 148. After taking Glycodown for 2 months, his blood glucose level reduced from 148 to 115. He felt very well after that.

Mr. Chang: 
I am 68 years old and have had diabetes for about 5 years now. After I was first diagnosed, I started taking Glycodown. At the time, I saw other patients who had diabetes injecting insulin and as time passed, noticed that some of them developed complications. Two of my friends died of diabetes complications. I currently do not need to inject insulin, and my heart, kidney and blood vessels are still normal. I'm very glad I started taking Glycodown as early as I did. It benefited me tremendously.


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