HK034 HerbKing Conceigen Testimonials

I was married for 12 years and never got pregnant. After physical examination, my husband is completely normal, and I have no pathology either. My menses are normal too. The only abnormality is that I often suffer from lower back soreness, and my abdomen, hands and feet are always icy cold. I tried different method hoping to get pregnant, but never succeeded. Finally I got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy daughter after taken Conceigen for only 3 months! I am very grateful.

Mrs. Lee
Because I had an unexpected pregnancy, I had an abortion. In 5 years I never got pregnant again. My menses is irregular too, often happens once in 2 to 3 months. I had to take Progestin and herbs to maintain a normal menstrual cycle. Diagnosis was inflammation of uterus, which causes shrinkage of uterus and ovaries. After taken Conceigen for 6 months, I finally got pregnant again, and now I have a healthy daughter.

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