HK036 HerbKing Soothingen Testimonials

Mr. Lee, 43 y/o
3 years ago I got a demotion, and was depressed. I couldn’t sleep, felt dizzy, and stuffiness in my chest. It affected my everyday life. EKG showed my heart was normal. I started to take hypnotics, and became dependent on it. After taken Soothingen, my sleep quality improved. After 3 months, I stopped my hypnotics. In about 2 months, I started to taper my dose. I decreased my dose from 6 pills daily to 1 pill every night. Now I don’t need to take it anymore, and the symptoms never reoccurred.

Mr. Lieu
I am 32 years old. I was crashed when my father died in an accident. Afterward I suffered from headache, dizziness, irritability, depression, fatigue and loss of appetite. After taken Soothingen for 2 months, the symptoms disappeared, and my mood is normal again.

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