AcuSTAR Acupuncture Needles / A1S

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SKU: A1S-40-100
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 At a Glance:
• Smooth and sharp for painless insertion
• Perfect for Korean-style acupuncture
• Metal handle
• Sterilized with ethylene oxide
• Each individually sealed with guide tube
• Easy to use 

The AcuSTAR acupuncture needle is made from high quality stainless steel and engineered to be sharp for a painless insertion with a very smooth surface, making it very suitable for Korean style acupuncture.

Each disposable needle features a metal handle, is sterilized with ethylene oxide and comes attached to its own guide tube which facilitates the acupuncture process.

Package Contents:
Box - 100 AcuStar needles—each individually sealed with its own guide tube
Case - 100 Boxes


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