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Ashiatsu Massage Table / T-20

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The T-20A massage table is made for facilitate the practice of barefoot massage techniques, such as Ashiatsu and Thai massage.

  • dense foam and padding offer plush comfort and support for both practitioner and client
  • supple PU vinyl cover adds to the comfort level, while allowing for easy cleanup
  • stands on a strong metal frame at a height of 25.5" for standard massages
  • face-hole allows for comfortable massages in the prone position
  • curved rungs at the corners of the table make mounting the table easy from any direction
  • height-adjustable support bars to accommodate different practitioners

    What is Ashiatsu MassageAshiatsu is a barefoot massage technique that requires the therapist to use their feet instead of their hands to perform the massage.

    Ashiatsu Massage benefits.

    1. Less pain
    Thanks to the deep compression, this type of massage does not break blood vessels, thus the client does not experience the pain as when having traditional or deep tissue massages. Besides, elbows and thumbs can often feel like sharp tools that can uncomfortably poke or prod the client. While deep tissue massage can rough for the superficial tissues, Ashiatsu does not cause any damage, and also make the work more convenient for the therapist.

    2. Improving flexibility
    During the massage, tissues are often stretched to two different directions which helps scar tissues and adhesion recover from past injuries or stress along with the improvement of flexibility. Additionally, Ashiatsu is a great solution to stretch ligaments too.

    3. Reducing chronic pain
    Due to the deep tissue compression, Ashiatsu relieves muscle tension by loosening adhesion and tight muscles. As it penetrates into the deeper layers of soft tissues, it stimulates circulation and helps flush out the inflammations of the body that causes the pain. As practiced by feet, this massage feels much gentler than any other and achieves results without experiencing any pain or soreness.

    4. Stress reducing
    The phenomenal experience of Ashiatsu massage can take clients to a different dimension, a deeper state of relaxation. As cortisol level gets reduced, the heart rate slows and both the body and mind calm down. Stress gets replaced with peace, composure and silence and the state of nirvana gets really close. All these events finally lead to an overall well-being.

    5. Long-lasting effects
    Being a deeper, more meaningful experience than other massages, the effects of Ashiatsu therefore last longer. The deep compression stokes stimulate blood circulation and both the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous system, consequently achieve a better quality of life. For this reason, it is recommended to go home and relax for a few days after the treatment, without planning and doing any intensive activities.

    Cover Material: PU Vinyl
    Dimensions (W x L x H): 31.5" x 74.5" x 25.5" (80 x 190 x 65 cm); The height of the shelf to the bed is 45"
    Supported weight: 500+ lbs.
    Net weight: Approximately 110 lbs.
    *All measurements are approximate and accurate to within an inch.


    Package Contents
    - Massage bed with all support bars
    - Head pillow / plug

    Must be shipped on pallets by freight: 4 units maximum per pallet


    All sofas and massage beds need to be shipped on a pallet, using a trucking company.
    Trucking is different from FedEx. The shipping is lift gate delivery. It lands the goods closest to customer's commercial shipping address where the truck can park.
    If internal delivery is required, the address provided is non-commercial, or secondary delivery is required, we need to be notified in advance. The expenses incurred ($80-$100) will be automatically deducted from the customer's credit card. If automatic deduction is not possible, we will notify you. You should pay us the expenses incurred within 7 days.

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