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SKU: C-15A

Glass ball with water inside. Before use, put the tool in the freezer.

Beauty Ice ball main effect: Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Remover,  Relieve and Relax, Calm down sensitive skin, promote serum absorption. It is for beauty: Promote blood vessel contraction and relaxation,improve skin blood circulation,accelerate skin toxin discharge,helpful for serum to penetrate.

Improve the skin elasticity, especially helpful for eye pouch, forehead wrinkles, eye corner wrinkles and mouth corner wrinkles.
Improve rough skin, big pore, sun-ravage skin, red blood vessels on face,etc.


Item# C-15 / C-15A

Material: Glass

Product Name: Beauty Ice Ball

Dimensions:  20x14x6cm

 Wight:   3lbs 

 Size:Ball diameter: 5.5cm; Stem length:14cm


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