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Wooden Gua Sha Stick Set / T-08K

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SKU: T-08K

Wooden Gua Sha Stick Set T-08K

This professional set of 4 hard wooden Gua Sha Sticks are very popular in Chinese market today. If you are looking for Gua Sha Tools, you can truly count on these.  4 different sticks and 4 different curature, suitable for all body position.

This set has been used by thousands of people from across the world. Some professions include: acupuncturist, chiropractors, physical therapists, 
massage therapists, and also people at home, just looking to get better.
Craftsmanship: All 4 Gua Sha sticks have been created with bevel edges so you can have the versatility of using it in both directions, so you do not have to change your hand positions throughout your massage. 
Conditions Treated: Developed by long time Gua Sha practitioners, this tool was made to treat adhesions brought on by surgeries or injuries, as well as high fever symptoms.
Injury Prevention: Reduce recovery time, reduce soreness after your work outs and help heal soft tissue damage.



52cm  1pc

46cm  1pc

41cm  1pc

36cm  1pc



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