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Cloud & Dragon MicroClean Vaccaria Ear Seeds / A-006

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SKU: A-006

Cloud & Dragon MicroClean Acupuncture Ear Seeds #A-6

Ear seeds are used in a type of acupuncture called Auricular Therapy where the entire body is treated via the outer ear. These tiny pellets are usually actual seeds from the Vaccaria plant (small and hard enough to affect a precise point) or tiny metal beads, and are attached by adhesive tape to specific acupuncture points on the ear. The seeds mildly stimulate the point while it-- attached, but the patient can also press or rub them for added results. Auricular therapy is used for pain management, addiction, obesity, mood and anxiety disorders, detoxification, healthy organ function and general well-being.

Cloud & Dragon MicroClean Acupuncture Ear Seeds are made from Vaccaria seeds and come already attached to a small pre-cut piece of skin-colored surgical tape. The greatest attention and procedures have gone into the making of each box of seeds to ensure consistent quality every time.

Package Contents:
- 100 Vaccaria ear seeds with skin-colored surgical tape--0 trays with 10 seeds each


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