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D-37 Nova Vibration Massage Device/ Deep tissue massage gun

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The Nova Vibration Massage Device relieves fatigue, muscle knots, spasms, stiffness and soreness to improve mobility.

  • Interchangeable head attachment: 4 different variations for different body parts

    • Flat for all parts of the body

    • Round for large muscle group

    • Fork for the spine

    • Bullet for joint parts of the body

  • Built-in rechargeable LG Lithium-ion Battery: Lasts 6+ hours after a full charge.

  • 3 levels of speeds.

  • Quiet brushless high-torque Motor

  • Fast charging

  • T-shaped body allows one to apply pressure with both hands

  • Simple one button design. Long press to turn on. Short click to change speed.

    • Box: 14" X 11" X 3.5"
    • Massage gun length: 9.5"
    • Color: One color option, Black
    • Simple one button design. Long press to turn on. Short click to change speed.


    Relieve Your Muscle Pain:

    This deep tissue massage gun can accurately press stiff and knotted muscle with high-torque motor powered head attachment, penetrating deeply to your muscles with the stroke length of 12 mm. 

    Recover from Injury

    Accelerates body recovery by stimulate local lymphatic flow and blood circulation, and activates the nervous system.

    Restore Range of Motion

    Recommended by physical therapists, this therapy gun helps to enhance range of motion for athletes or alleviate tension from sitting all day for work.

    Weight loss and fat reduction

    By Activating the metabolism of adipose tissue and achieving passive exercise. Do not use the vibration device on abdomen continuously more than 5 minutes to prevent adverse reaction of the digestive system.

     Natural stress relief

    By relaxing the tense muscles form daily tasks and work.

    Please do not use the vibration massage device without first obtaining approval from your doctor if any of the following apply

    • Pregnancy
    • diabetes with complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage
    • Pace-makers
    • recent surgery
    • epilepsy or migraines
    • herniated disks
    • Spondylolisthesis, Spondylalysis, or spondylosis
    • recent joint replacements or IUD's
    • Metal pins or plates
    • When you have concern bout your physical health






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