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Dual Cabinet Towel Warmer and UV Disinfector / 54L Capacity / D-20UV6

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Keep your towels warm and disinfected with the D-20UV6 dual-cabinet towel warmer featuring the latest technology! This unit is a great choice for salons, spas, restaurants or your home. Each cabinet is independently operated with it's own controls. Towels in the cabinets are kept toasty near 170° Fahrenheit. The included UV bulbs radiate a germicidal light that kills over 99% of microorganisms, helping to keep you both comfortable and healthy at the same time. The doors feature the security and convenience of a magnetic seal and shuts the UV light off when opened to minimize exposure. Each cabinet contains two removable slide-out grill trays that allow for efficient air flow and access. You can use wet or dry towels with this device and it comes with a removable drip tray in the front that helps collect moisture and keep your surface dry. 


Expected Benefits of a Hot Towel All Over the Body!

  • Head: opens pores, promotes better circulation and promotes hair growth.
  • Face: opens pores and makes the skin softer so that moisturizer gets penetrated easily.
  • Eye: relax the muscles around the eye area
  • Neck: eases tiredness from the body. Warms up and promotes circulation in the entire body.
  • Shoulders: promotes better circulation



Who doesn't like clean, refreshed, and warm towels? Hot towel treatment provides moist heat that penetrates the skin into your organs and muscles to promote deep relaxation and tissue softening. The treatment helps to relax the muscles around the eye. Also, it opens your skin pores and makes the penetration of moisturizer into your skin easier. The moist heat from the hot towel can also promote better circulation in the head, neck, shoulders, and the entire body. Additionally, hot towel treatment is an excellent way to let your mind relax, soothe sore, mobilize joints, soften various tissue adhesion, and relax tense muscles. This device can keep a constant supplies of hot towels, and it will make your work/life so much easier!

  • Place the towel warmer device on a stable surface in a well-ventilated area outside the reach of small children and plug it in to a qualified power socket.
  • Press the rocker switch above the door to the D (I) position to begin the disinfection stage. The status indicator will light up green to let you know it is in this stage. Disinfection is set manually so the period can be controlled by the user. Recommended time is 30 minutes to properly disinfect. As exposure to the UV light can be harmful to the eyes, the UV feature automatically turns off when the door is opened, and resumes as soon as the door is closed.
  • Then press the rocker switch to the H (II) position to begin the heating stage. The unit will warm to an internal temperature of approximately 170° Fahrenheit and hold that temperature.
  • The collection tray on the bottom is easily removed by pulling it forward from the two sides. 

    Outer Dimensions (W x D x H)17¾" x 15¾" x 23½"
    Package Dimensions: 21" x 19" x 26"
    Capacity: 54 L
    Operating Temperature: 75°C ± 10°C (167°F ± 50°F)
    Weight: 30.8 lbs. (14 kg) 
    Voltage: 110 V
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Power: 200 (x2) / 3 (x2) W (heating / disinfection)

    UV Steriliser Light:  1: CE CERTIFICATE; 2: Average life (H): 5000; 3: Ultraviolet wave: 53.7 nm

                                      4: Disinfection time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Package Contents:

    •   1 Towel cabinet
    •   2 Pre-installed UV bulb
    •   4 Removable inner grill trays
    •   1 Removable drip tray

      If the towel is needed to be used, turn off the towel warmer first. Be careful when opening the door as hot steam can cause burns and scalding. Remove towels with a tweezers. When you are ready to use the hot towel on you or your clients, please feel it first to make sure the temperature is comfortable and safe. Towels fresh out the towel warmer are very hot and can cause burn.

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