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Oil & Lotion Warmer / D-28/D-28A/D-28B/D-28C/D-28D

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With its classic design, these fixed-temperature massage oil and lotion warmers fit naturally into any spa room. Simply plug in and switch on, and the base will warm the bottle's contents to a therapeutic 140°F, keeping it there until you switch it off. Available in various styles.

Made of faux wood.

A hot oil massage can soothe, relax and relieve muscle tension.

Hot oil treatments can be a very inexpensive luxury, either home made or shop bought. The types of oils most commonly used are almond oil because it has no smell, soybean oil, olive oil, gingelly oil (Sesame seed oil) or grape seed oil can all be used.

Once the oil is sufficiently hot, pour some in the palms of the hand and rub together to spread the oil.

A full body massages with hot oil can bring lasting relief to tense, tired and painful muscles, relieve backaches, rheumatic and arthritic pains, with all types of headaches.

Warmer Base Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 7"
Height with Bottle: 9½" 
Bottle Volume: 10 oz.

Bottle Dimensions:  2" x 6"

package dimensions:14''*7''*5''

Warming Temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Power: 40 W
Available Styles:
     --D-28 --Dark Brown Round
     --D-28A --Light Brown Round
     --D-28B --Dark Brown Squared

Plastic faux wood casing and metal oil bottle.

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