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Could & Dragon Disposable Plum Blossom 7 Star Needle Set / A-07

$8.50 $7.50
SKU: A-007

The Plum Blossom technique, also called 7 star or dermal needling, is an acupuncture technique utilizing a small hammer-like tool with a group of seven needles at the head to deliver a series of light and swift taps to a specific treatment area. This technique has traditionally been used to promote scar and varicose vein reduction, tendon healing, reduction of swelling and hair growth, among many other benefits.

The Could & Dragon Disposable Plum Blossom 7 Star Needle Set comes with one 6" long plastic plum blossom tool and 13 sterile plum blossom needle heads (1 already attached, and 12 individually sealed replacements). This sterile plum blossom set is single-use and designed for use in clinics.

Package Contents:
- 1 x 6" plastic plum blossom "hammer" tool
- 1 x attached plum blossom needle head
- 12 x individually sealed replacement needle heads

Imported. Made in China.

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