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Far-Infrared Leg Protector 2PCS/ V-12

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Far-Infrared Leg Protector 2PCS/ V-12


Size S      knee circumference 29.5cm - 33.0cm / Approx 11.6" - 13.0"

Size M     knee circumference 33.5cm - 37.0cm / Approx 13.2" - 14.6"

Size L      knee circumference 37.5cm - 41.0cm / Approx 14.8" - 16.1"

Size XL    knee circumference 41.5cm - 45.0cm / Approx 16.3" - 17.7"



KangZhu Far-Infrared Protectors are made of hollow low-elastic yarn and cross-blended yarn with special weaving technology, providing support and protection to different parts of body. KangZhu Far-Infrared Protectors are recommended for use in case of joint pain, strains and to keep warmth in cold weather.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are commonly known as the "Light of Life", they have strong penetration and can emit infrared radiation with a significant thermal effect. Infrared rays are absorbed by the body and resonate through it, they penetrate 4-5mm into the skin, increasing the temperature of tissues and releasing heat from the inside out. Due to this effect of FIR KangZhu Far-Infrared Protectors can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improve cell tissue activity, enhance metabolism and self-repair capacity, thus can be used for healing purposes.

1. Far infrared emission> 88%

2. Passed clinical tests, National medical equipment Type II, ISO9001, ISO13485 CE certified.

3.Ergonomically designedcomfortable to wear.

Product advantages

1. Cross-blended yarn + Hollow low-elastic yarnhigh-quality materialsair separation technologykeeps temperaturegood warming qualities.

2. Special weaving technique, soft fabrics.

3. Closed edge technique, comfortable to wear..

4. Anti-slip silicone points inside Knee protector and Leg Protector prevent the brace from sliding.


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