Maitreya Wealth Statue / HF133B15


Budai, also known as the "Laughing Buddha" or the "Buddha of Wealth", is the Buddha of abundance and happiness. He is always smiling and brings joy wherever he goes. It is customary to rub his belly to receive luck and good fortune.

This statue features a detailed green laughing Budai dressed in his traditional robe and prayer beads. He is holding a Chinese ingot which will attract wealth and prosperity. The inscription on the base reads: Zuò yōng bǎi cái ("Sitting atop of wealth"). Set this in your home or business to welcome good luck and prosperity!


Size (L x H x D): 13¼" x 9¼" x 6½"  HF133B15

Size (L x H x D): 22"X10"X10" (56X25X35CM)  HF133B17

Color: Green
Material: Polyresin

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