Solar-Powered Lucky Cat / HF137B

$14.00 $9.88
SKU: HF137B2

Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) are lucky cats that usher in luck, fortune and wealth! They're usually found at the entrance area of shops, restaurants and other businesses welcoming customers!

This attractive figure is in bright gold with multi-colored accents and available in different sizes. The gesturing (or waving) paw is powered by a solar panel (that works with any light) in the front of the figure. Set one in front of your business today to welcome good luck and wealth!

Color: Gold with multi-colored accents
Available Sizes (Height):
   - S • HF137B (3½")
   - M • HF137B1 (4½")
   - L • HF137B2 (5½")


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