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HerbKing Superect Herbal Formula #HK003

HerbKing's Superect is an herbal dietary supplement made with a combination of 11 different traditional Chinese herbs & extracted and prepared by scientifically advanced methods. These herbs are traditionally used to invigorate the kidneys, replenish essence, nourish yin and strengthen yang, helping to battle male impotence due to kidney and yin deficiencies. Superect is made in the USA with 100% natural herbs.

Activating blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis. Detumescence and eliminating stagnation. The indications are difficulty of urination, occlusion of urination, drop of urination, slender flow of urination, frequent micturition, waiting of urination, pain in urination, etc. All of which are induced by hyperplasia of prostate gland.

Sheng Di (Adhesive Rehmannia Root), Huai Niu Xi (Achyranthes Root), Jin Yin Hua (Honeysuckle Flower), Zhe Xie (Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome), Fu Ling (Indian Bread), Jin Qian Cao (Asian Moneywort Herb) and Lian Qiao (Weeping Forsythia Fruit).

Package Contents:
- 60 (500 mg) capsules per bottle.


These statements have not been evaluated by food and drug adminstration.this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

For best results, take 2-4 capsules, 2-3 times a day with water after meals.



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