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HerbKing Special Efficacy, herbal life supplements-HerbKing Herb

HK036 Soothingen


Radix BupleuriRadix Scutellariae Rhizoma ZingiberisRamulus CinnamomiRadix TrichosanthisSemen Ziziphi SpinosaeConcha OstreaeRaidix OphiopogonisPoriaAmber Succinum.

 The Health Benefits:

Eliminate heat evil, warms spleen and reduce phlegm, calms the mind, enhance liver performance and protect the spleen. As a result of heat evil invading liver and gall bladder, the mind is disturbed. The gall bladder was obstructed; the internal qi flow is impeded. Symptoms include palpitation easily, startled easily, irritated, bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth, and insomnia. This product may let you obtain the full relaxation in the mind and the body, can balance your liver, spleen and stomach, and the cardiovascular system. It is very efficacious in treating insomnia, and may strengthen the memory.

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60 Capsules

Take 2 capsules 2 or 3 times daily with water.

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 Made In USA

A&A Medical Supplies,Inc.

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