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Herbal Therapy Back Wrap/ W-06

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SKU: W-06

Herbal Therapy Back Wrap/ W-06

 --for back, hips, shoulders or abdomen, provides advanced herbal therapy treatment at home. It can help promoting circulation . The wrap has Velcro patch on the tip to wrap around the back, hips, shoulders, or abdomen. It can help ease aches, pains and tension, while allowing for freedom of movement and versatility. The heat of the body will activate the herbs inside the pouch. The wrap itself can be used as a carrier for any herbal pouch or heat packs. Simply pop the treatment you wish to use into the pocket. 


  • Herbal pack containing herbs that promotes circulation that's activate by body heat to ease tension and pain
  • Relieves discomfort from sore, painful, stressed or aching muscles.
  • Wraps comfortably around back, hips, shoulders or abdomen - Velcro closures
  • Therapy at home
  • 42'' long with slight elasticity.
  • The wrap itself is washable and reusable.
  • Light weight fabric with some elasticity
  • The wrap has a pocket for any herbal or heat packs you may have on hand.


Package contains one (1) back wrap and one (1) herbal pouch.

Length: 42" LONG


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