Metal Framed Massage Table / T-10B6

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The T-10B6 series massage tables bring a bit of panache into any room. Their metal frames are strong and dependable. 

The T-10B6 has 6 legs with a storage rack—a great place to store extra towels and other massage supplies. A face hole allows the clients to lie in comfort while in the prone position, while the head pillow gently elevates their head while in the supine position. The top is over 4 inches thick and padded with dense foam.

- Black

Dimensions (W x L x H): 33½" x 77" x 25"  (85CM x 196CM x 63.5CM)
Padding height: 4½"
Supported weight: 500+ lbs.
Net weight: Approximately 89 lbs.
*All measurements are approximate and accurate to within an inch.

Package Contents
- Massage Table
- Head pillow-plug

- 1 unit can ship via FedEx Oversize
- Orders of more than 1 unit ship on pallets by freight — 6 units maximum per pallet

Please note: This massage table requires some simple assembly.

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