N006 Ever Spring Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan / Ever Spring - Traditional Herbal Formula Pills

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N006 Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan 

Ever Spring herbs are made by one of the top herbal extractors in China, utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies. These pills are highly concentrated traditional Chinese herbal formulas-GMP certified and 100% safe.

Zhi huang qi - Radix astragali
Dang shen - Radix codonopsis
Bai zhu - Rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae
Dang gui - Radix Angelicae sinensis
Sheng ma - Rhizoma cimicifugae
Chai hu - Radix Bupleuri
Chen pi - Peripium Citri Reticulate
Zhi gan cao - Radix Glycyrrhizae
Sheng jiang - Rhizoma zingiberis recens
Da zao - Fructus jujubae

Functions and indication
This traditional Chinese herb indicated for deficiency syndrome. Reinforcing the meddle energizer and replenishing vital energy.

Usage and dosage
Take 5-8 pills orally, 2-3 times a day or in compliance with your doctor's instructions.

Bottle: 200 concentrated pills

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