Ever Spring Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan Traditional Herbal Formula Pills / N114

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N114 Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan

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Ever Spring herbs are made by one of the top herbal extractors in China, utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies. These pills are highly concentrated traditional Chinese herbal formulas-GMP certified and 100% safe.

Fu ling - Poria
Zhi shi - Fructus Aurantii Immaturus
Dou kou - Fructus Amomi Rotundus
Bai shao - Radix Paeoniae Alba
Gan cao - Radix Glycyrrhizae
Xiang fu - Rhizoma Cyperi
Chen pi - Peripium Citri Reticulate
Jie geng - Radix Platycodi
Hou pu - Cortex Magnloiae Officinalis
Shan zha - Fructus Crataegi
Fang feng - Radix Saposhnikoviae
Chai hu - Radix Bupleuri
Huang qin - Radix Scutellariae
Bo he - Herba Menthae
Zi su geng - Caulis perillae
San leng - Rhizoma Sparganii
Da huang - Radix et Rhizoma Rhei
Qing pi - Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae viride
Dang gui - Radix Angelicae Sinesis
Ban xia - Rhizoma Pinelliae
Wu yao - Radix Linderae
E zhu - Rhizoma Cureumae

Functions and indication
Help liver qi balance. Regain appetite, stop vomiting.

Clinical application
Oppressed feeling in the chest.

Usage and dosage
Take 5-8 pills orally, 2-3 times a day or in compliance with your doctor's instructions.

Bottle: 200 concentrated pills

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