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Olive Body Relaxing Massage Oil/pure olive oil for massage HF080

$30.00 $19.99


HF 080 Olive body relaxing massage oil is the first of our plant-based massage oil: "Natural Life with Natural Choice." series. 

It is 100% pure olive oil, USP Grade.

Olive Oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer and is a key ingredient in many massage and skin care formulations. As a massage oil, it offers long-lasting glide and workability with minimal need for reapplication.

Olive oil is a great choice for dry and aging skin. It naturally promotes skin elasticity, helps maintain a healthy glow of the skin. Great as eye makeup remover, as well as for nail and cuticle care. 


Comes in:

16oz HF080B

1 gallon HF080

5 Gallon HF080A


Olive fruit and olive oil allergies are rare but can occur. If you experience rash or hives, please stop using this product. If you have a known allergy to olive oil, please do not chose this product.

If irritation persists, please seek medical advice.

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